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Changing Lives at the Time That Lives Are Changed

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Building high school students for success


Transforming Connecticut Students Academically…But Really Changing Lives

When asked in conversation what The Learning Consultants does, we briefly answer that we provide tutoring to our Connecticut clients in all academic areas, teach test prep classes, and counsel our parents and students in a wide variety of educational areas.

But, some parents will press further: “my friend in Guilford told me that you really changed her son’s life.” I am always delighted when I can shift the conversation into what we really do.

Many parents really do understand that their student-children are in their “formative” years”.

They understand that the transition from middle school to high school to college is as dramatic as any stage of life in shaping one’s destiny.

We endeavor to be part of your child’s successful transition through their formative years. We are often questioned as to how and why we are so successful in shaping our students.

We have hired top notch teachers and tutors in the Connecticut area who we know can also serve as role models, mentors, and friendly Aunt/Uncle types to our students. Most of our teachers are well suited to be Student Mastery Coaches.

We expressly train our teachers and tutors in the art of positive motivation. Our teachers are highly experienced in leveraging past patterns of other Connecticut students who needed to not only receive tutoring and test prep but also needed their motivation shifted.

We also have a secret ingredient: we are not the student’s parents. This critical advantage gives us a noticeable edge in motivating our students throughout Connecticut.

What do we do? We change our student’s lives for the better.