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Character’s Positive Correlation With Success

I glanced out my window before my first SAT class session of the fall season. It was to my surprise that I saw one of the new students, Greg, pick up our company sign that had fallen and put it back into place. He was not aware of my observance.  He did it because he thought that it was the right thing to do. The next class, Greg saw that I was moving a fair amount of equipment out of the office to my car and immediately offered to help.

In the same class, a boy that I will call Tony rolled his eyes when he had to move his chair a couple times to let another student pass.  

The small things matter. Character is showcased through actions.  After getting a glimpse of Greg’s good character it did not surprise me that his scores continued to improve as he put in the necessary work.  Tony on the other hand half-assed most of the class exercises.  When he actually took the test, he admitted to giving up on the last few sections because he could not focus for the entirety of it.  This is just one example of the strong correlation between character and success.  

We teach our children how to have good character. This character in turn creates destiny.