Every Connecticut Parent Should Review This Chart

By SAT ACT Test Prep

When meeting with parents for college counseling, the subject of paying for college invariably comes up. “What about financial aid?” is one of the first questions.

I have some good news, some bad news, and I hope some good news.

The good news is that you likely earn more money than most Americans. Those who live in leafy Connecticut suburbs in affluent towns such as Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Essex, Chester Old Lyme, East Lyme etc. usually have incomes that are far above the median American household.

The bad news is that you likely will not get financial aid.

The good news comes from this chart released by Miami of Ohio:

Test Score1 High School GPA
(4.00 scale)
Ohio Resident Scholarship Range2 Non-Resident Scholarship Range2
ACT: 33+
SAT: 1450+
3.50+ Half to Full Tuition
($8,000–$16,000 Annually3)
Half to Full Tuition
($20,000–$36,000 Annually3)
ACT: 30-32
SAT: 1360-1440
3.50+ $20,000–$48,000
($5,000–$12,000 Annually3)
($14,000–$20,000 Annually3)
ACT: 28-29
SAT: 1300-1350
3.50+ $8,000–$32,000
($2,000–$8,000 Annually3)
($9,000–$15,000 Annually3)
ACT: 26-27
SAT: 1230-1290
3.50+ $4,000–$12,000
($1,000–$3,000 Annually3)
($7,000–$10,000 Annually3)

I applaud Miami of Ohio for releasing what seems to be a closely guarded secret at other colleges: merit aid -LARGELY DETERMINED BY SAT SCORES – determines merit aid.

Merit aid – of course – has nothing to do with financial aid. For that reason, merit aid is almost always the only way that those from Shoreline, CT and other Connecticut suburban areas can mitigate full tuition.

Take a look at the chart. You will notice a few things:

1.) GPA not that important at all and completely irrelevant once qualified. Other than qualifying with a 3.5 (not too high in our grade-inflated world), it doesn’t matter at all as the award numbers go up.

2) Activities/recommendations/essays/other hooks are totally irrelevant

3) SATs (and ACTs) are essentially the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

I used to be much more self-conscious about urging my Connecticut neighbors to take our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar. Then, I realized I was telling my relatives and friends who live far away to take whatever the best SAT course was near them whenever they called for advice about both college admission and paying for college.