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Mastering SAT Vocabulary

We are often asked if we are going to teach the “tricks of the SAT”. Of course!  But, it may surprise many Connecticut parents interested in SAT prep that we teach a great deal of substance in our courses.In addition to teaching SAT math concepts, grammar for the SAT, and our unique SAT reading comprehension best practices, we help our students build their SAT vocabulary.

Teaching SAT vocabulary to our students is rewarding for several reasons:

1) Building SAT vocabulary is one of the only ways that can absolutely guarantee improvement in SAT scores. The sentence completion section of the SAT requires a strong vocabulary to do well. For that reason alone, our Connecticut students who build their SAT vocabulary based on our trademarked vocabulary building system improve their performance on at least the sentence completion section. In addition, students with strong vocabulary naturally do better in both the reading comprehension and writing sections of the SAT.

2) One’s vocabulary has a stunningly high correlation with school success, income, and overall career success. Look it up! Various research studies have demonstrated that a high vocabulary is linked to each of these areas. We love teaching our students how to build their vocabulary because we know that we are also helping them outside of SAT class.

3) We also love when our SAT Prep classes serve to enhance our students’ general education. Mastering our vocabulary building system is one clear way that Connecticut SAT Prep students not only score higher on the SAT but also in other areas of life. 

Students in our SAT Prep Classes also receive “SAT Vocabulary Mastery”, a remarkable vocabulary building book created by The Learning Consultants.