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Academic programs

Academic Programs to Ensure Happy and Successful Students


The High School to College Mastery Package:  

The package bundles the services together for a discount and assurance that our clients have access to our best teachers and counselors.  Learn how you can ensure your child gets the best possible advantages in the high school to college transition.

Student Mastery

The Student Mastery program was created for those students who:

1) could benefit from a more holistic framework for practices that are useful in all subjects and 2) would like long-lasting academic performance lessons designed to endure throughout their academic careers.

Our best practices program will lead to getting better grades.  But, the real hope of the program is that success in school will build a greater appreciation for a lifetime of learning.  At the very least, students and parents are delighted by the simple fact that their daily battles over studying substantially decrease or disappear altogether. Ensure your child to trained to be a top student?

Motivate Your Son

Based on Daryl Capuano’s book of the same name, this program is specifically designed for boys-young men who are not reaching their academic potential. Help your son.

Academic Therapy

Created by Jean Card, Connecticut’s best private educator for those with learning differences, this program ensures that students with such differences reach their academic potential.  Learn how Academic Therapy literally changes lives.