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Educational Expertise

hqdefaultWe help Connecticut parents trying to guide their children.

Educational issues facing parents today are far more complicated than ever before.  The days when parents could send their children off to school with hope that getting them on the school bus was sufficient have long since passed.

The Common Core, the new SAT, the emergence of the ACT, the complexity of college applications  and the reality that our children will be entering a far different economic world creates the need for expert educational advice.

We are here to help with all your educational needs.

Daryl Capuano is widely considered one of the foremost general education experts in Connecticut.

Jean Card is the top executive functioning and LD test taking expert in the Shoreline, CT area.

Jesse Brockwell and Galen Cawley are not only the top math tutors in Southeastern, CT but also expert guides on which math classes and which math teachers match well with our students.

Dr. Kristina Knobelsdorff is the leading writing tutor in Shoreline, CT area.

Our educational expertise for Connecticut students and parents can be accessed here.