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SAT Tutoring and Test Prep

The Best Individual Tutoring for the SAT

The Learning Consultants retains the best one-on-one tutoring for the SAT.

Our general process:

1.)    We listen to the needs of our prospective clients

2.)    We propose a tutoring/enrichment solution primarily involving the

appropriate teacher/academic coach match

3.)    The proposal is based on subject matter, student challenges,

location, and any other factor that might be important to our clients such

as personality qualities of the student and desired personality qualities of

the teacher.

4.)    Our teachers are expert at teaching the subjects to which our clients


5.)    The rate ranges based on market demand for the teacher

6.)    We would send a mutual introduction to you and the teacher via e-mail.

7.)    You would contact the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient

time/place.  Regarding time, every teacher is a bit different but, of

course, all understand that they would be working after school and many

understand that they might work on the weekend.  In terms of location, we

have offices in Madison and Old Saybrook.  But, our teachers are spread from

New Haven to Middletown to Stonington so depending on where our clients live

they can meet in homes/public places that might be more convenient for our


8.)    Billing Policy:

Payment must be made at time of service.  Clients of The Learning

Consultants may choose one of two methods of payment:

Option 1:

We bill you monthly after you provide us your credit card information.   Our

billing will reflect the hours multiplied by the hourly rate of your


Click on credit card authorization and follow directions

The advantage of this option is that you do not have to worry about

delivering a check each meeting.

Option 2:

Clients make payment every meeting for the full amount due each meeting with

either a check to “The Learning Consultants” or with cash.


9.)  Cancellation Policy

Most of our teaching team are parents and understand the challenge of managing a child’s schedule.In addition, perfectly valid reasons such as illness or family emergencies are understandable reasons for cancellations. The challenge, however, is that some reasons are not valid: the student or parent forgets or the student doesn’t feel like attending a session. Since we have neither the desire to evaluate the reasonableness of an excuse nor to increase the number of fibs told(!), we give everyone one free pass.  That will be our bad luck. Thereafter, the presumption will be that a charge will accrue unless the circumstances merit otherwise. Our team is made up of very soft-hearted folks so we are humane in our consideration.  But, we do want you to understand that any cancellation, particularly those that are made within 24 hours, creates a hardship to a service provider. The tutor likely gave up other clients who could have been scheduled or is missing time with their own family.  Please keep that in mind if you need to cancel.  Thank you.

10.)    At all times, we are happy to discuss your situation.

Some of our clients have both individual tutoring and our class option:

Click here for our current SAT class schedule

The SAT Mastery Seminar

7213be813170ff040674579fd7015e3eThe best thing you can do is ask your own trusted sources in Shoreline and Southeastern Connecticut about our test prep programs.  We are confident that you will hear that The Learning Consultants is the best at this work in areas that we serve in Connecticut.

The Individual Difference:
Your student-child is unique. Factory-type prep programs treat their students in generic fashion, with a cookie-cutter approach to teaching.

While any program is better than none at all, the best programs account for individual differences and endeavor to provide customized interaction.

At The Learning Consultants, our relationships are personal. We know our students and constantly try to adjust our approach to individually fit each student.

The main differences between our program and others:

1) Teaching Quality. Daryl Capuano, the founder, is the primary teacher. Unlike franchises that hire bright graduate students who may or may not be good teachers, Daryl is a master teacher. This is a passion and a profession for us, not just a part-time job like it is for most teachers at other tutoring companies. Our other teachers such as Jean Card, Dr. Dan Hartman, Dr. Kristina Knobelsdorff, Galen Cawley and Jesse Brockwell have developed loyal followings due to their outstanding teaching ability.

(2) Personal Attention. You and your child will have high personal attention. We know all our students well and do whatever we can to help them. We customize our programs to perfectly suit every client’s needs and aspirations.

(3) Motivational, Engaging, Dynamic and Fun Classes. To the great surprise of parents, many of our students return home and announce that they actually enjoyed class.

While we can’t fully reveal the tricks of our trade to make the classes so stimulating (our competitors routinely try to imitate our unique design), you and your child will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer fun we have in class. Why is fun so important?

When students are in a positive mood, they are more likely to be inspired and motivated.

We also have unique methods designed to shift psychological energy in students to help them become engaged in the process learning. These methods have become our differentiating factor in making our test prep programs the best in the area.

Many of our students also take the ACT exam. Our proprietary methods have led to similar success with the ACT.

The Best Design Teaching and Coaching

Design. Great care and thought has gone into the design of The Learning Consultants SAT prep programs, based on our years of teaching test prep. For each section of the SAT and other tests, we have designed the best practices for efficient and effective problem solving.

We have also designed self-study techniques that students should use to reach their potential.

Teaching. Great teaching focuses on the student and how much the student is learning. We believe in:

1) Learning the best techniques for each type of problem (think of learning to hit tennis strokes properly).

2) Learning standardized test-taking best practices.

3) Learning through interaction related to specific problems.

4) Learning the best practices for self-study.

5) Learning how to approach the test with the best possible mental and emotional attitude.

The psychology of performance is an underestimated component for the SAT and other major tests.

The Learning Consultants has developed a variety of approaches that lower student anxiety, enhance positive energy, and increase test-taking stamina.

We focus on “learning” because our only goal is student comprehension, not simply rote learning. When students understand, they do better.

Coaching. After teaching, we monitor our approach individually for each student. Student application matters most to success.

This is where many other tutoring organizations fail miserably. In most cases, the franchise teacher has been given the outlines of a canned lecture. The teacher may deliver that material reasonably well. But when asked to individualize their approach, the inexperienced, franchise teacher is similar to the line cook at McDonald’s.

The Learning Consultants instructors are, first and foremost, great teachers. We hire the best and give them the very best training.

Seminar, Customized Group and Individual Prep Available

At The Learning Consultants we uniquely tailor the work to suit each family/student. The general options:

1) The small seminar — As described above. The advantages: most cost-effective; most guaranteed availability; most hours for structured practice in problem solving; emphasis on social learning, if that is your preference.

The challenge: meetings are at set times (though we provide a variety of methods to ensure the students can attend as many sessions as possible);

2) Customized small group — The student chooses a friend(s), and then we schedule them together as with individualized coaching. (rates vary)

The advantages: students work with their friends and thus enjoy class the most; very small student-teacher ratio; less expensive than individual coaching.

The challenge: very few, as this seems to be a very popular option, but organizing the group seems to be the biggest hurdle.

3) Individual coaching — One-on-one sessions. (rates vary)

The advantages: the most custom-designed; the best teacher-student ratio; the most flexible schedules.

The challenges: the most expensive per hour, sometimes desired spots are not available due to my attendance at courses.

4) Combination — The most cost-effective/best teaching combo tends to be taking the small seminar course in order to learn the best practices in the least expensive manner, and then supplementing – if needed – with individual or customized group coaching at later dates.

What About the SAT IIs?

The SAT IIs are the subject tests that colleges and universities require for admission. Some parents might remember that these tests were called “the achievement tests” when they were applying to college.

The SAT IIs are either extremely important — for the schools that require them, or not important at all — for the schools that do not require them.

That many schools do not require the SAT IIs makes the whole issue confusing for many parents trying to sort out what tests their children should take.

That each college makes its own admission requirement creates additional confusion.

Generally speaking, the more competitive institutions require SAT IIs, while less competitive schools do not.

With that said, the best thing you can do to understand the issue of whether your child should the SAT IIs is to create a list of potential schools that might make your child’s application list and then check out each college’s particular requirements.

If your child is going to take the SAT IIs, then you should understand that these scores will be very important for admission and that your student should ensure that they score as high as possible.