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Test Prep Classes – Fairfield County, CT

Two Courses to Prepare Students for the August 25th SAT

SAT Mastery Seminar – 8 Sessions, In-person: $1,275

Saturdays July 10th – August 25th

10am – 12pm (First class will be diagnostic practice test, 9am – 12:15pm; last class will be Wednesday, Aug. 25th)

10 Sasco Hill Road
Fairfield, CT 06824


SAT Mastery Seminar – 7 Sessions, Virtual: $800

Sundays, July 11th – August 21st, 2021

10am – 11:30am


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Super flexibility: We are happy to discuss your unique child, contact 203-451-0429 or e-mail sstaunton@learningconsultantsgroup.com

Every student has conflicts with specific class dates.  We can custom create a solution, mixing in person and virtual classes, providing make-up classes, crafting a class plus individual tutoring solution and pro-rating as needed.





We believe our class has been so popular due to the results and our teaching.

Our classes have proven clearly superior to in-school programs but our super flexibility also has helped our busy students and parents.

Regular breaks are given.  The class is lively and energetic.  Students are usually surprised that time passes so quickly!!!


We train our students in the best practices related to reading comprehension, grammar, math, test-taking strategy, self-study, and performance psychology.

Yes, we teach content also.

Unlike other providers that focus only on the “tricks” of test prep, we also teach content. Students report finally understanding math concepts, as well as learning grammar rules and understanding how to read more effectively after going through our program.

Motivation is our secret sauce

We know with certainty that after we get our students to care, they will work harder not only for test prep but in school and in preparing for their college journey. Through the years, countless parents have commented that something shifted in their children after attending our seminars.

We help our students get ready for college

Parents repeatedly tell us that previously stressed conversations about college become easier after the SAT Mastery Seminar because their children finally understand the life altering transition that they are about to undertake. They feel “inspired” rather than anxious after our seminar and coaching.

Individual Tutoring

Most of our students take our seminar and follow with individual tutoring.  Some students exclusively work with our expert tutors.