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SAT Mastery Seminar

In Person: $595

Saturdays, July 8-August 12 (with two built in make-up dates)

9am-12 noon– 

Virtual SAT Mastery Seminar: $395 (with two built in make-up dates)
Sundays, July 9-August 13
9:30-11 am.
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Super flexibility: We are happy to discuss your unique child, contact 860 510-0410 or e-mail dcapuano@learningconsultantsgroup.com Every student has conflicts with specific class dates. We can custom create a solution, mixing in person and virtual classes, providing make-up classes, crafting a class plus individual tutoring solution and pro-rating as needed.
We provide maximum flexibility.  In person students can migrate into the virtual seminar as needed and we have several make-up options.

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Exciting news for Shoreline Families interested in adding some international life into their homes!


Language Immersion LLC offers you the chance to share your lovely Connnecticut

Shoreline summers with a foreign teenager who will surely enjoy your town and will

appreciate your hospitality. You will simply be expected to give him/her the attention you

give your own children for 3 weeks. They will be busy attending English classes until

2:30pm. You will of course be compensated for your expenses.

Contact us on (860) 661-4457 or info@languageimmersion.net

Southeastern Connecticut

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Connecticut’s best college counseling team.

Your children deserve the highest level expertise for their major transition.

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Improve Grades, Raise Test Scores, Get Expert Guidance.

Ask the most knowledgeable parents/educators you know: “who is best at helping students improve their academic performance, test scores, and college admissions chances?” Learning Consultants has developed its reputation as the best educational consultancy in Connecticut and Westchester County due to its excellence in tutoring, test prep, and educational counselling. Our team consists of elite professionals with extraordinary teaching abilities. Through the last decade, we have consistently delivered top results for our students. We have 50 top tutors for every major subject and standardized test.

  • Our Student Mastery Program will improve your children’s motivation and overall school performance.
  • Our Test Mastery Program will improve your children’s test scores.
  • Our Subject Based Tutoring will improve your children’s grades.
  • Our Counseling Programs will improve your children’s life direction.

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