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Student Mastery

Picture-12Simple Summary: Motivation plus study skills plus skills development equals a trained student.

Through creating a holistic student training program, we have transformed hundreds of students from unmotivated, underachieving, insufficiently prepared for college to motivated, achieving, and college ready.

Theoretical Explanation: The Learning Consultants has created numerous programs centered upon the concept of mastery.  We all appreciate masters of craft.  Master chefs, musicians, carpenters, anyone and everyone who excels at what they do, demonstrates mastery.  Strangely, there is no course on how to be a student.  Students attend classes in different subjects.  But, they are never given training in how to be a student.

“Student Mastery”.provides full training in how to be an excellent student.  Motivation is more art than science.  But it is the chief differentiator for how we have been able to get remarkable, life changing results.  Study skills are easy to convey once the student is properly motivated.  Skill development in reading, writing, and math primarily takes time but, again, once we properly motivate our students, we can get them to develop easily enough.