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College Counseling

The Learning Consultants has created a specialized subsidiary College Counseling Connecticut to help our college counseling clientele.

Help yourself to plenty of free advice provided by College Counseling Connecticut.

Daryl Capuano

Daryl Capuano Daryl_Capuanohas been providing college guidance for Shoreline families for the last decade.  Daryl’s deep expertise in education issues is unsurpassed in Connecticut.

Daryl’s best practices approach to college counseling has simplified the college  admissions process for families who are stressed due to college admissions frenzy. Specifically, our unique college process methodology streamlines the process into distinct segments: (1) College shopping and (2) College admissions. The initial phase is designed to help students find schools that fit their needs. These needs can loosely be described as personal and practical fit.  Personal factors relate to the college experience itself. Type of students, campus, size of the student body and every idiosyncratic part of college such as dorms and activities fit into this category. Practical factors relate to what happens after college, specifically employment. Here, we have an enormous advantage due to our career counseling practice.

In relation to college admissions, we counsel students to develop excellence in the generic admissions portfolio: grades, tests, and activities.  Here, we provide another distinct advantage because of our academic and test prep work.  We also have deep expertise guiding student athletes and other special talents through the admissions process.

Lisa Rathe

Lisa earned her B.S. in Communications from Northwestern University and her M.A. in Communications Management from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California.  She also earned her J.D. from Delaware Law School.

After exploring careers in public relations for Walt Disney and McDonald’s Corporations and as a trial attorney in criminal and civil litigation, she found a more satisfying career path as an assistant professor in the English departments of two Chicago area universities.  In that capacity, she designed a Writing Across the Curriculum program and taught writing, business, and public speaking classes.  She was voted Most Outstanding Teacher and served as academic advisor for over 50 students.  She also worked for the Educational Testing Service grading GMAT essays and editing standardized test guides.

Since moving back to her home state of Connecticut eight years ago, Lisa regularly teaches a public speaking class at Middlesex Community College.  Working with college students for over 15 years and helping local high-schoolers with their financial aid applications, personal statements, and college applications led her to a newfound mission: guiding high-school students to engage in self-discovery to instill a sense of purpose as they pursue academic excellence and promote themselves to achieve college acceptance.  With this mission in mind, Lisa is dedicated to helping students maximize their potential and perfect their self-promotion to increase their options of admission into right-fit colleges that meet their financial needs and academic expectations. Her dream of becoming a consultant was recently realized when she received certification in College Counseling from UCLA.  Lisa lives in Madison, CT with her husband, and two of their four children.  Her two eldest sons are currently

Meg Ryan

Meghan Ryan has been working in the field of college admissions since 1998. After serving on the Board of Admissions at Boston University, she joined The Williams School in New London, Connecticut as Director of College Counseling.

Among her other responsibilities were roles on the school’s administrative team, strategic planning committee, advanced courses committee, and serving as a student advisor.

She joined the college counseling office at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey in 2013, and also serves as a student advisor and admissions reader. Meghan finds it exciting to work with students throughout the college application and admissions process – from building the initial college list to brainstorming essay topics. She also very much enjoys connecting with her colleagues on the college admissions side of the desk.

Meghan earned her B.A. in English from Connecticut College and her M.S. in Journalism from Boston University. She has experience SAT tutoring and freelance writing, and in her free time she enjoys reading, writing, yoga, biking and cooking with her family.


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