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Helping Educate Your Children During Covid

Student Mastery:. The Learning Consultants created its unique Student Mastery Program well before the pandemic.   In simple summary, the program matches our students with a Student Mastery Coach who (1) ensures the student is doing his/her work (2) motivates the student (3) tutors the student in areas where qualified.  As many parents have noted through the years, our work with their children has been life-changing.

Tutoring:  Online learning works for some but not for many.  The educational gaps that will occur among those that are not learning optimally will show… at some point.  The fundamental skills required for excellence in the three traditional Rs  (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic) are revealed as students progress through school.   We have worked with those who aspired to enter STEM fields but simply had not developed their math skills (as opposed to having math aptitude), those who have been crushed by writing assignments in higher level English classes, and those who simply could not handle the level of reading required at a college level.  We can help ensure your children flourish in future years by ensuring they are learning optimally now.

Learning Pods: We are experts at creating learning pods.  These are entirely customized.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help you create your own ideal learning pod.