Connecticut Students: Prepare for the SAT as early as possible

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“I’m so glad that I’m done with the SAT!” Charlie, a junior at Old Saybrook High School noted after he received his second round of SAT scores.

Charlie had tried to delay starting test prep to late spring. His parents asked me to convince him to start in the winter. I told that after fifteen of training Connecticut students in SAT prep I’ve never had a single student complain about starting early. I’ve had plenty, on the other hand, who regretted starting late.

Ideally, students can get the basics of SAT training prior to the PSAT. Starting in the summer before junior year or the fall of junior year is best. But best is not always realistic so junior year winter is often a good early start. The plan would be to take the March test and then have a second and/or third chance to take the test again in May and/or June. Most students improve their SAT scores the second time around.

Those that wait to take the SAT a single time junior year usually have to take the SAT again as a senior. This is “normal”, in the sense that most SAT takers throughout the nation do so but if your child can be done with the SAT by the end of junior year, he/she will celebrate just as Charlie did.