The best summer job in Shoreline, CT: SAT-ACT Prep

By SAT ACT Test Prep

e1f86f972d8b0358-act-satBookmark this page. And, then go ask everyone – and I mean everyone you know – who had children who were accepted to colleges this year. “Did test scores matter when getting money from colleges?”  And, then ask, how much money did your child get in merit aid?

Over twenty students from last year’s summer test prep classes in Old Saybrook and Madison received $16,000/annually ($64,000) in merit aid.  When I speak with parents about SAT-ACT prep, I normally would feel highly self-conscious about the obvious self-serving nature of recommending our test prep class and/or tutoring for the SAT-ACT. At most, I would ask parents where their children were applying and then I would suggest a test prep plan of action that was the most cost-effective. No longer.  The evidence is so clear that higher test scores lead to higher merit aid awards that I no longer feel self-conscious or self-serving about the investment of almost six-hundred dollars for a reward of over sixty-thousand dollars.

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