College Counseling Connecticut: Will your children meet their spouses in college?

By College Counseling

“Isn’t it strange that both of our families started because of college choice years ago?”

We went out with one of our favorite couples.  They had met in college and my wife and I had met in college.  Connecting the dots backwards seems like our relationships and subsequent families all happened and made some type of logical sense. But when we went back to age 18, we did not think that the choice of college would have such monumental consequences on our relational lives. 

Through the years, I have met many couples with similar origin stories and, perhaps even more interestingly, I have met many more who went to what might be described as similar type colleges.   I sometimes bring this up during our college counseling sessions. 

From a very straight forward analysis, ducks can only mate with those in their same pond, this makes sense.  But there is something more: colleges provides distinct cultures.  It is easier to partner with someone from the same culture and it is easier to partner with someone from a similar culture. 

I recently caught up with a student from East Lyme, Connecticut.  A recently married 30 year old, he relayed that he had met his wife in college and had laughed remembering that I said that this was possible during one of my SAT prep classes.  He noted that three of his friends were either living with/seriously dating or engaged to people they met in college.

Now does the college process seem more interesting?!