The College Transition: A key life transition

By College Advice

college-life“College is college” a senior from Lyme-Old Lyme High School said recently to his mom. She noted that his overt casual approach to where he will attend college masked his deep disappointment that he had not put himself in a position to go to his preferred choices. “He learned too late and we were partially at fault for not taking control of the process.  I want to make sure we get on top of the process for his younger brother.”

During our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminars, given in Old Saybrook and Madison, I provide the context for why college matters beyond the obvious career implications. My wife and I met in college. That’s not particularly uncommon.  While likely a dated statistic, at some point, 25% of college graduates met their spouses in college. That alone would make me as a parent want to do everything possible to optimize the college choice.

The Godfather of my youngest child is my college roommate.  Those who knew me in high school were surprised because my high school best friend was more like a brother to me.  But due to living together, college has a way of forming bonds in a way well beyond those formed in high school.

Besides my current town in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, I feel like I have two different places where I am equally comfortable: Washington DC, where I went to college, and Philadelphia, where I went to graduate school.

New friends, a new home, and maybe even one’s spouse can come from a well matched college. Optimize your child’s choice.