Connecticut Parents: PSAT Results

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Last year, the new SAT was released. As I spoke at schools throughout Connecticut, I mentioned the following:

1.) the hysteria about the changes in the new SAT were completely…hysterical!  And, this has proved to be the case.  The SAT is still a test based on demanding reading comprehension, grammar, and math.  The biggest new twists: a no calculator SAT Math section and an entirely new writing prompt for the optional essay did require some adjustment for those Connecticut juniors who had prepared for the old SAT but otherwise it was not a big deal.

2.) The PSAT is a very good diagnostic test for one single diagnosis: how would your child currently perform on the SAT? Given that we have worked with thousands of test-takers over the years, we know with certainty that many will improve and some will improve dramatically.

3.) Releasing of PSAT scores officially starts college mania.  Not saying it should, it just does. Suddenly, the college process gets very real.

I look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂