Covid Learning Has Devastated Motivation

By General Education Advice

After I wrote Motivate Your Son, I was contacted by parents of children of all ages and genders and became an expert in academic motivation due to the sheer volume of clients who needed help motivating their children.

Covid has not created a motivational problem but it has accelerated the challenge.

Our expertise in motivating students has never been put to the test more than it was during the pandemic.

I think the worst is over, says the optimist in me.  But the damage to motivation is high.

In working with students along Connecticut’s idyllic shoreline through the years, I’ve noted that motivation for the affluent has always been an issue.  Hard to strive when on a boat with one’s friends on a beautiful day.  But years ago, the consequences were not that significant.  Most students from Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme, and other leafy Connecticut towns would do well enough, in part because mental health challenges were not nearly as significant.

Now…mental health has become a major challenge.  Part of the challenge is lack of striving. Those who strive are “hopeful”.  Those who don’t become stagnant and lose hope.

We can help ensure your children stay motivated.