Get your soon to be adults off the screen: Learn with people!

By General Education Advice

People motivate other people.  We have an online SAT class that is right for some of our students, but there is no doubt that our in-person class is superior to anything online.  Our children are already too engaged in screens.  With something as important as SAT-college admissions, I urge you to take the class I teach.  They will not only get the technical training they need to improve their scores but I promise you they will be more motivated about the entire college process.

I am far from a Luddite. I started teaching college courses online in 2001.  I also consulted to online learning companies during that time period.  So somewhere in obscure magazines related to technology, I was frequently quoted as an expert in what was then a cutting edge area for both technology and education.  One of my quotes was the most frequently requoted: “Human energy cannot be replaced by machines for motivation.” At the time, it was in my economic interest to promote online learning but I could tell from both teaching and my examination of user experiences from my client-companies, motivation rarely comes from online formats.

SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar