Good SAT News For Future SAT II Test Takers

By General Education Advice

Yale has decided that the New SAT is so aligned with what it wants from testing that it will no longer require subject tests or more commonly called The SAT IIs. That will be a relief for Connecticut students applying to Yale. Whether other schools will follow suit remains to be seen.

SAT IIs for those unfamiliar with the term are tests connected to school subjects such as US History as well as connected to specific areas of learning such as Math Level I or Math Level II.

Most colleges do not require SAT IIs. While this will sound highly elitist, probably because it is, the general rule is that the Ivy league schools, Stanford, Duke, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and a few other colleges do strongly recommend (which basically means require) two SAT IIs. The exception is Georgetown which strongly recommends three SAT IIs.

These tests are often taken in conjunction with AP tests in May. But there might be a trend if colleges follow Yale to minimize the need for SAT II tests. A welcome relief for many students!