Navigating the college path

By College Advice

College counseling has become an increasing part of our work.   It used to be easier.  When parents of college bound high school students applied, many would apply to around 6 colleges.  There was some thought that 2 would be safeties, two range, and two reach. UCONN for many in Connecticut was a safety or a range school.  Figuring out what to study and potential career paths before college were not common.  Wasn’t that what college was for?

These days, due to a myriad of factors, it makes sense for many students to apply to far more than 6 schools.  Schools that were once safe – UCONN being the most notable – no longer are for most students.   Due to the enormous investment in college as well as the enormous employment consequences post-college, figuring out what to study and potentially which career paths to follow has become common.

The issues are so complex that my wife and I sometimes wonder how those who are not in the field – she’s a college professor – manage to navigate the college admissions world.

Summer is a good time to start the college planning for any upcoming junior and, of course, for any late starting upcoming senior.