Precise Writing Skills Prized by Employers!

By Writing Training

“Is Majoring in English Worth It?” So asks William McGurn in a recent WSJ column (Sept 10, 2019).

I occasionally wondered this myself, working feverishly towards my English PhD.  Yet, my main reason for going to graduate school was to learn more, not earn more.  And, in pursuit of this degree, I developed invaluable critical thinking, writing, and communication skills.

So, my answer to McGurn’s question is a resounding yes, if majoring in English develops the “critical thinking, communication skills, and judgment” that today’s employers still “prize.”

These skills, however, are in serious decline.  According to Jonathan Pidluzny, director of academic affairs for the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), recent studies reveal a number of disconcerting facts about the average college grad.  According to Pidluzny, even students “from prestigious flagship universities” show “little or no improvement in critical thinking for having gone to college.” Equally surprising is the fact that many English majors aren’t learning to write precisely, once the hallmark of the discipline.

The upshot? In today’s highly competitive global market, communication skills are key.

So, what can CT parents do to ensure that their children will succeed after college?

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