SAT Test Timing

By SAT ACT Test Prep
SAT-ACT timing matters a great deal

Connecticut public high schools will administer the SAT to all its students in either late March or early April.

But I urge our clients to take the March 9th SAT.  Here’s the reasoning:

1.) Score choice

Most every college allows students to choose which test result to submit.  This is different than back in the day when every test was part of one’s permanent record.   The more times someone takes the test, the more likely the person will achieve an optimal result.  Moreover, most students underperform on the first test.

2.) Super scoring

Even better, most colleges take the students’ best score from the verbal section and from the math section, even if the results were obtained on different test dates. For example, a student’s verbal score from March and math score from April would be combined to “super score” for a total score.

3.) Junior year runs out of room very quickly

Trust me on this one point: you do not want to be in the position of hoping to get your desired SAT score during senior year.  That creates a long summer and makes college shopping very difficult.  Maximize your SAT junior year.  The best way to do so: March SAT followed by the April SAT.

4.) Your student might do better on the ACT

The only way to know for sure is to take the SAT and determine if the test is working for you.  If not, consider the ACT.