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“I was told by our guidance office to wait until the in-school test administered in late Spring.” a parent from a Shoreline, CT high school.

I love most of the guidance counselors that I have met in 20 years of providing educational counseling to my Connecticut neighbors.  But the above is general advice that works for some but not all students.

Most student-clients of The Learning Consultants are interested in applying to competitive or, at least, reasonably competitive colleges.   Kick and scream as much as you would like and/or get convinced by the utterly fraudulent notion that colleges are not carefully considering the tests in their admission and merit aid decisions but tests matter a great deal for both admission and merit aid.

For that reason, waiting until late March to take the first SAT is crazy.  Score choice and super-scoring have mostly eliminated the notion that every test is on one’s permanent record.

“I was told to take the tests early and often.” a parent from a Shoreline, CT high school whose daughter is an athletic recruit.

Yes –  listen to those who actually know – such as college coaches who are intimately familiar with admissions processes.  Every coach I know urges their star recruit to take the SATs and ACTs as soon as possible and as many times as possible.  If you know a coach, ask him/her!

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