Test your SAT/ACT grammar IQ — Take this short quiz.

By SAT ACT Test Prep, Writing Training

Do you know how to use a semi-colon? How to fix a dangling modifier?
Take this quiz to find out if you need a grammar refresher.

Answers provided below.

1. What’s wrong with this sentence?
When tackling this grammar quiz, the answers might surprise you!
a. Nothing
b. The exclamation point should be a period.
c. No comma needed after the word “quiz.”
d. The subject is missing and belongs right after the comma.

2. The harder he tried to beat her at Scrabble, the worse he did.
a. No change
b. Scrabble; the
c. Scrabble: the
d. Scrabble—the

3. What, if anything, is wrong with the following sentence?
She was surprised by the amount of people at the concert, considering the stormy weather.
a. There’s nothing wrong.
b. There should be a comma after “surprised.”
c. There should be a comma after “people.”
d. It should read “number” of people instead of “amount.”

4. Which of the following sentences is correct?
a. Their Great Dane was large, didn’t behave well, and smelled badly.
b. Their Great Dane was large, unruly, and smelly.
c. Their great dane was large, unruly and didn’t smell well.
d. Their great dane was large unruly and smelled bad.

5. After their victory, the baseball team was welcomed home by cheering crowds.
a. No Change
b. After their victory, the baseball team were welcomed
c. After its victory, the baseball team was welcomed
d. After it’s victory, the baseball team was welcomed

6. Once terrified of heights, he had now began to face this fear.
a. No change
b. has now begun
c. has now began
d. have now began

7. “Can you give Susan and I a ride to school this morning?” she asked her friend’s mother.
a. No change
b. Susan and myself
c. Susan and me
d. I and Susan

8. Suddenly, her father’s pet parrots, perching unnoticed on a corner bookshelf, lets out a bloodcurdling scream.
a. No change
b. bookshelf, lets out a scream that curdles the blood.
c. bookshelf, let’s out a bloodcurdling scream.
d. bookshelf, let out a bloodcurdling scream.

9. Based on the following sentence, how many cars does Dad have?
Our green Volvo, which my Dad sold on eBay for $100, was a real antique.
a. There’s no way to tell from this sentence.
b. He only had one car, which he sold on eBay.
c. He has at least one other car.
d. This is a silly question.

10. If people encounter obstacles when trying to learn a new skill, one shouldn’t give up.
a. skill; one
b. skill—one
c. skill; they
d. skill, they

Answer Key: 
1. d; 2. a; 3. d; 4. b; 5. c; 6. b;  7. c; 8. d; 9. a & perhaps d too!; 10. d.  

If you missed between 2 and 4 questions, you could use a quick grammar refresher. If you missed more than 6 questions, you would benefit from more in-depth grammar tutoring. These questions include many of the grammar rules commonly tested on the ACT and SAT writing sections.