The Educational Disaster Facing Your Children

By General Education Advice

This Washington Post article explains what our children are facing.

Among the quotes:

“Years of research shows that online schooling is ineffective — and that students suffer significant learning losses when they have a long break from school. Now they’re getting both, in a hastily arranged mess.”

…, “the “summer slide” has been studied for decades, and researchers know that students fall backward in learning from where they were at the end of the school year. Typically, they lose between one and two months of progress after a 10-week break. This “ ‘wastes’ so much of the knowledge students have gained during the school year” and forces teachers to spend time “ ‘re-teaching’ last year’s content, likely contributing to the repetitiveness of the typical U.S. curriculum,” according to a Brookings Institution report. And learning loss seems to grow as children move up into more difficult content.”

“The risk is that in some schools next year, you are going to have a kid with parents who were able to provide high-quality supplemental instruction at home, sitting next to a kid who hasn’t received meaningful instruction since February,”

Of course, we are for equality.  But we are also parents who want to do what’s best for our children.  We can provide high quality supplemental education.