The Happy Healthy College Process

By College Counseling

What if…. you considered the greatness of the American college experience?

Throughout history, the normal transition to adulthood went something like this:

Boys become men by becoming soldiers or starting full time farming or manual labor or, if lucky, taking a bigger role in the family business.

Girls become women by marrying some older guy.

I would venture to guess that the above is more or less true for 95% of the all humans in civilized societies.

What if you took a time machine and told those in the 1800s – particularly those not in England or the US – that one of the post secondary school options was moving to a place designed for the experiential enrichment, academic enlightenment, and social extravaganza of 18-22 year olds. I’m guessing that would sound pretty good to most everyone who would be tilling the fields.

College is pretty great.  Not always and not as much as it used to be (see my previous post on social skills) but still amazing, certainly better than high school and I can’t imagine too many full time workers who wouldn’t trade college life for their current jobs.

No need for stress.  Just need to figure out the best place among many possibilities to make college awesome for your child.

We can help.