The New SAT Math: Frightening?!

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“Am I correct that the new SAT Math section is far harder than the current SAT?” Over twenty high school guidance counselors throughout Connecticut have called me with this same question. Most are wondering how to advise their college bound juniors about the SAT.

The general assertion is correct. Having gone through all published official tests, I found the current SAT’s math sections far easier – at first glance. I then realized that I have been so accustomed to solving problems that do not require specific math knowledge beyond Algebra I that I found the Algebra II and trigonometry problems challenging. I then brushed up on some advanced math and realized that the problems were not much more difficult, just different.

More importantly, as I have been teaching the SAT math section to our summer and fall classes, I realized that students who have been educated under Common Core math standards did not find the math as difficult as some analysts suggested they would.

The new SAT math is perhaps not as scary as predicted.