What should I do when I grow up!? The college to career question should be started now.

By General Education Advice

Luke is a 6th year senior at UCONN.  He has switched colleges twice and majors three times.  His situation is not that much of an outlier.  Every day, our college counseling calls include college transfer calls and quite often those calls relate to college major/career interests.

15 years ago, The Learning Consultants built its career counseling practice.

The focus was to help those we helped through the college counseling process who were now twentysomethings attempting to figure out their career path.   Most were unhappy but perhaps not unsuccessful.  By this I mean that most had career building jobs but they had chosen a mismatched career.

Now, the calls related to career unhappiness remain the same but calls related to failing to launch have sky rocketed.  The number of students – particularly boys – who are not getting through college and/or getting through after five or six years but floundering thereafter has become common.  The core reason is often lack of career focus.  Almost everyone who is similarly situated will say: “I should have met you before.”

Now as part of our college counseling, we offer career counseling if desired.  We are not necessarily pinpointing the career path but rather starting the conversation earlier so that the student has a better sense of which college programs match their potential career track.

College is awesome so staying for 6 years would be great…. if you weren’t paying for it!

We can help avoid that fate.