How will your children contribute to the world?

By General Education Advice

In the last few years, I developed another company: Connecticut Career Counseling. Much like shifting the motivating of students, the work stemmed from what I can only describe as a “calling”.   It is mission based and stems from how I want to contribute to the world.

I’ve noticed with many of my young adult clients that they are focused on not how they can contribute but rather what they can get from work.  This goes well beyond money.  To the question, “what do you want to do?”,  I most often hear different desires that serve the young adult but no one else.  “I want a job I enjoy, with flexible hours, where I get to travel…”

I rarely hear: “I want to help…” or “I want to create something useful…” or “I want to contribute towards…”

We focus a great deal on asking our children what they want.  We would do well for both them and the world by asking “what will you contribute towards?”