2022: Help your children catch up

By General Education Advice

There are some preliminary studies confirming a plethora of anecdotal accounts that our children’s educational gaps due to the pandemic are serious.

During the fall, I taught SAT classes in our Old Saybrook office and virtually to high school students across Connecticut.  I saw the gaps immediately.  Numerous students said “we didn’t really learn much last year.”

This will be a huge problem for some.

Let’s say a child wants to enter a field where math skills are really important.  That child will be competing not just against students his/her age but against all those just a few years older than them who had a full math education that was not affected by the pandemic.

Moreover, there are a reasonable number of far-sighted parents who are helping their children catch-up.  Those that do not take measures to do so will be in some competitive trouble.

Our goal – as always – is to help parents, help their children.

Let’s make 2022 a great year.