The pandemic is ending… so will high school for juniors sooner than you think….

By College Counseling

If you are a parent of a high school junior, your son or daughter will have turned in all – or close to all – of  their college applications by the end of THIS CALENDAR YEAR!

Moreover, for those who will apply Early Decision, they will know where they are going to college if admitted.

For those who applied Early Action and were admitted to some of their choices, they will have more than likely have made up their mind where they will be heading to college.

Our college counseling in the past two years has been different for many reasons than in the past.  The most obvious has been our need to provide information regarding different colleges since visits were difficult.

But the other area of major difference has been psychological: parents and students are frozen.

Planning during the pandemic has become very difficult, even among the usually well-planned parents in Connecticut’s leafy suburbs.

The problem, however, is that the time table for high school ending is still the same.

Time to move forward.

Kick-off to college.