Battle College Tuition Sticker Shock: Do Well On Your SATs

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Two conflicting but true thoughts cross the minds of most parents – at least those from suburban Connecticut – as their children prepare for college.

College is unquestionably the most significant turning point in their child’s life at this point in time.  It will provide their child a new world.  New friends, new peers, new classes, new home.  It is truly one of life’s most significant all encompassing changes.  It also can have significant – indeed massive – affect on one’s career path.  As such, the time, effort, energy, and money to ensure that one’s child goes to the best college possible makes sense.

College is insanely expensive.

And for most upper middle class Connecticut suburbanites, spending $200,000 plus on college is either a major problem or simply not possible.

Enter the SATs.  Numerous students who took our Winter SAT class last year have reported back getting scholarships ranging from 4-24,000 yearly (16-96,000 total) that were based almost entirely on their SAT scores.

Some had full rides that were based in part on their SAT scores.

How to pay for college: invest your money in 529 tax deferred plans and prepare as vigorously as possible for the SAT.