Best Financial Planning Advice…. Help Your Children Become Financially Independent

By General Education Advice

Much like many, I would spend every last dollar on my children.

This wonderful tendency has a cost.

A big one.

The retirement crisis – I prefer “financial freedom” – is real and getting bigger.

To be clear, when I speak of children being financially independent that does not necessarily mean that they do not live with you.

Adult children living with parents was/is the most common arrangement in history of the world and much of the world outside the US.

The adult child who cannot contribute fully is a relatively new phenomenon.

The drain is considerable.  Even if living at home, food/utilities are additional costs even if you are not writing your child a check.

Other transfers of money are even more significant.

This adds up.  See compound interest.

We can help your child become financially independent.

It matters to them and it matters to you.