SAT Prep

By General Education Advice
There are two programs: (1) small seminar and (2) individual coaching.
And, in reality, a third since many – such as your friend – did both.
The benefits of each:
The small seminar is quite small so there is a lot of individual attention.
It is also easily the most cost-effective way to start.
If there is a metaphor, it might be learning the general way to play tennis in a small clinic.  Full detail below.  But essentially, $395 for 5 classes starting in mid-July and ending in mid August.  (Saturday mornings).  Highly flexible, many make-up options.
Individual coaching cannot be beat for customization.  We would focus on Cole’s needs and it’s easy enough to explain.  I meet M-Thursdays.  M-W in Old Saybrook or virtual.  Thursdays usually virtual.
The combined benefit usually is the best of both worlds but whatever serves you best is all that matters.
The Learning Consultants is an elite tutoring and test prep service that offers the very best SAT and ACT prep classes in Connecticut.
SAT Mastery Seminar
Summer Class:
July 13-August 10
Late starters welcome and missing scheduled classes is very normal!  We maximize flexibility
Virtual or in person
Saturdays, July 13, 20, 27, August 3 and 10
Make-up classes Sundays July 28 and August 11 (same times as the Saturday classes). Regardless, we figure out how to make it work for all our students.
Virtual 9-10:30 am
In-person 10:30-12 noon, 121 Main Street, Third Floor, Old Saybrook
Maximum flexibility – you can attend either class
Call or e-mail Daryl Capuano to learn more.
(860) 510-0410
To register: Either deposit $100 or pay in full.  Deposits are fully refundable but helpful for enrollment as we limit class size.