Bring back hope! This may be the solution to the epidemic of anxiety and depression facing high school students

By General Education Advice

Hope brings its friends optimism, happiness, and excitement.

Having worked with teens/young adults in Shoreline, CT for 20 years, I wish that I could bring back the amount of hope that I saw when I first started.

Hope derives from the thought that something better lies ahead.

Back in the not too distant past… most students were hopeful that college would be better than high school.

Sure, there was always motivational issues – that’s why I wrote my first book – Motivate Your Son – students were hopeful because they generally had more goals related to college and career than students in the present.  The pandemic greatly accelerated this trend.  But cynicism about the future was in the air before the pandemic started.

Our work helping students get ready for college (and career) has been largely successful because we work with students in holistic fashion.

We don’t just teach.  We inspire.  And, in doing so, we bring hope.