Parents of boys: Read this new study

By Student Mastery

Single Men

My first book was Motivate Your Son. I was surprised by its commercial success.  I was surprised by how many people from all over the country bought the book.  I was stunned when those from other English speaking countries tracked me down.  I thought it was a book to help those in Shoreline Connecticut and other Connecticut locations where I coach/train students.  Pre-pandemic, the book led to a virtual consulting practice with students far and wide.  My favorite clients at the moment some hilarious Canadian young me from the far west regions of Canada.

I mention because I have been “on this issue” for a long time.  Teen boys are floundering.  Those teen boys become young men who flounder and they became older men who are single, bitter, and economically fragile.

The main reason: many are opting not to go to college.

Not only has this decision proven disastrous for their careers but also for their potential family lives.