Change Your Child’s Life: Test prep this summer

By SAT ACT Test Prep

I have three friendly acquaintances from college who all relayed to me how their SAT scores ended up changing their lives dramatically.

Larry was from Iowa.   His graduating class was 42 high schools.  About half went to Iowa state schools and the other half went to work after high school.   Larry had ambitions, even as a 10th grader that included wanting to make a difference in government/politics.  He set his sights on Georgetown.   He realized his test scores were not good enough.  So he prepared vigorously which was unusual in the 1980s, particularly for kid from his school.  He did well and along with being valedictorian had enough academic credentials to gain admission to Georgetown.  His career has been filled with different moments of glory . and excitement working for various government agencies and well known Senators and Congressmen.

Tiffany was from Florida.  She, too, had ambitions.  She wanted to see the world and targeted Georgetown’s foreign service school.  Knowing the SAT scores required,  she worked really hard to improve and headed to Georgetown and then the foreign service.  She met an Australian man who was in Australia’s diplomatic corps and,  together, they have lived an exotic life of travel and work in different continents.

Doug was from a small town in Pennsylvania and was from a Mennonite background (similar to Amish).  He wanted a different life and very much unlike those in his community studied for the SATs in order to gain admission to top universities.  He also wound up in Georgetown and has become a fairly renowned author and professor.

Each was at my 30th reunion and told me their tales after they heard what I did.


A former client was kind enough to recommend The Learning Consultants to a high powered private school in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Three of his children went through our SAT classes so he was a fan.  But he also relayed his own story to the Board of Trustees as he urged them to ensure that the school’s students received the best possible SAT prep.

College can affect career paths dramatically.  SAT (and ACT test scores) can affect college admission dramatically.  Fair/unfair, Not my concern.  It is what it is and that’s reality.  Register now for our next SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar.