College Results Are In: What matters and what doesn’t

By General Education Advice

Connecticut students should have all their college admissions results in.

In working with our college counseling, SAT-ACT prep, and tutoring students, The Learning Consultants likely has more data on what matters most to colleges than any other organization through our area.

The obvious: Grades and test scores.  Regarding the latter, it is very clear that SATs lead not only to admission but also to merit aid.

The not so obvious: defined interest,  a distinct “story”, usually defined through accomplishment in one activity area, helping others.    More than ever, colleges want to ensure that students will accept when they offer admission.  That’s what has made defined interest so high.  “Story” is hard to succinctly describe but essentially the one-two sentence summary: “this is the kid who….(noteworthy violinist- speaks 4 languages- led a protest -created a big fundraiser).  ‘Helping others” also seems to be big.

What doesn’t matter to all but a few:

Travel team sports, playing time on sports teams, the size of a part in a school play/musical, the number of random activities.