Combatting pandemic losses in students’ writing skills

By General Education Advice, Writing Training

Of the “big” three academic skills–reading, writing, and math–writing probably lost the most ground last year.

Students hardly did any writing last year, especially compared to prior years.  And although this isn’t surprising, given the stresses on teaching and learning during the pandemic, it doesn’t bode well for overall academic acheivement.

As my summer writing students readily admitted, they were glad for this “writing break,” but regretted missing a year’s worth of valuable writing instruction and practice.  Especially those gearing up for the college application process.

This year, many students will need additional writing instruction and practice to beef up their writing skills.   Their teachers won’t likely have the extra time to do this.

We can help.

Working with a writing tutor offers multiple benefits.

Our students not only achieve better grades on papers and essays, but they learn how to tackle any kind of writing task, which builds their confidence as academic thinkers and writers.   Working with a writing tutor throughout the year provides a level of focused and personalized attention that even the most dedicated teachers can’t pssiblely provide.

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