Decrease test-taking anxiety through SAT Preparation

By General Education Advice
SAT prep  Connecticut
Our prep class lowers test-taking anxiety

During our SAT classes over the past few years, some large part of our success has come from lowering the anxiety of our students.  In addition to providing techniques to helping master the test (thereby lowering anxiety due to mastery) and providing techniques to lower test-taking anxiety (directly addressing the issue), the process of exposure to the test does wonders to reduce the anxiety of the unknown.

When I first started teaching SAT prep years ago, I taught a class at The Grove School in Madison, Connecticut.  Grove is a therapeutic boarding school.  Students who attend often have anxiety at levels well beyond those who attend public schools.  The feedback from parents and students alike was distinct: through your prep course, our anxiety was lowered.  Since many of the students who attend Grove are very bright, they improved at extraordinary rates.  Of course, much of the increase was from teaching content and from teaching test-taking techniques but many had underperformed – prior to our class because of anxiety.

Students in public schools in Connecticut will take the SAT on either March 27 or April 9th.  Many will be anxious.  They will be less so if they are well prepared.  Contact us now.