Despite Covid, The College Process Goes On

By College Counseling

For many adults, the pandemic has had the weird effect of both changing everything while also delaying major changes.  The former requires no explanation.  The latter requires clarification.  While our day to day lives have had massive change, many adults have delayed moving/changing jobs/marrying.  Those processes don’t necessarily need to happen now and, for many, it simply makes sense to wait until post pandemic.

The college process goes on.  High school juniors cannot simply wait until Covid ends.  In speaking with parents throughout Connecticut, the common refrain has been “uncertainty”.  Uncertainty creates paralysis.  So, yes, maybe it’s not the time to switch jobs assuming it would be your choice.  Unfortunately, for high school juniors, college admissions season will be “same as it ever was.”

If that’s the case, you and your children will still have first choice colleges.  And, you and your children will want your college preference.

To that end, the same factors that have always been important will continue to be so: the academic index (“the numbers”) and subjective considerations (activities/interest in the school/essays/”hooks” (sports/legacies/VIPs).

We can help with the numbers.  Grades will always matter. We have outstanding tutors in every subject.

And, yes, tests will still matter to most students from affluent suburbs such as Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, Essex, and East Lyme, Connecticut.  As I’ve written elsewhere, test-optional is almost always not the best option for suburban demographics of our client bases in Shoreline and Fairfield, CT, Westchester County, NY and northern NJ.

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