Finishing sophomore year? Take our SAT-ACT class this summer

By SAT ACT Test Prep

We are often asked: when is the best time to prep for the SAT?

The real answer must be customized.  Students have different aspirations.  Nonetheless, for those who want the generic “optimal” answer, the summer before junior year is best.

When you should start learning something that is highly important to your future?  Now.  The sooner, the better.  Yesterday, if that was possible.

Those who make the mistake of timing SAT training for the April junior year test usually haven’t thought through the issue.   Most importantly, it likely makes sense for students to take the SAT before April and all juniors will take the PSAT in the spring.  That’s a separate issue.

Imagine your child had an important tennis match to prepare for in the spring of next year and that the match would have a significant impact on his/her future.  When would you begin your child’s training?

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