Good news for Connecticut SAT takers: There will be no adversity index score

By SAT ACT Test Prep

A few short months ago, the College Board revealed that it had piloted an “adversity score” for SAT test takers.  The score was separate from the verbal and math scores given to test takers.

While I always view our role as helping our clients deal with “what is”, rather than take stances to fight against city hall, this was one issue that bothered me.  The adversity index measured factors such as town crime and parental marital status to evaluate how much adversity a test taker faced.  It would give a score of 1-100.  This would almost automatically be a challenge for students in our leafy, Shoreline, CT community.  Most of the “what type of environment” questions reveal that we live in a pretty wonderful place.  That’s great but not so great in relation to this index.

Fortunately, after getting by many sides, the College Board announced today that it is abandoning the adversity index.

That’s great news for Connecticut high school students