PSAT for Juniors and last chance SATs for Seniors

By General Education Advice


The Learning Consultants PSAT-SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar

Overview:  This course is designed for juniors preparing for the PSAT and both juniors and seniors preparing for the SAT and ACT.  We urge you to ask your trusted sources about the course.  It is generally considered the best test prep training in our geographic area.


PSAT-SAT: Other companies create confusion for business purposes by creating PSAT courses and then suggesting that students also need to take an SAT course.  The PSAT and the SAT are essentially identical tests.  There are format differences (the SAT is longer) and mild content differences (the SAT has more advanced math).  Nonetheless, the best practices training for each is identical.


SAT-ACT: Similarly, other companies create separate SAT and ACT courses with the hope that customers will purchase both classes. The two tests are now so similar in content and format that the best strategy methodologies for each test overlap almost entirely.  Moreover, many students should take both tests.  Your student-child will get training in both tests for half the expense that other companies charge since most require two separate courses.


Daryl Capuano, founder of The Learning Consultants, will teach the course.


Dear Class participants:


The total cost is $495 for those who will take the entire course and $395 for those who will miss the last week because they are taking the SAT.  Presumably, juniors will want the full course and seniors who are taking the October SAT will want to skip the last class.

We have credit card forms or make checks to “The Learning Consultants”


Please bring a pen, paper, and calculator to every class.  We supply everything else including books valued at $45.

To pay by credit:


Or please bring the balance of payment. 

Old Saybrook, Saturdays, 9-12 noon, Madison, Sundays 10-1 pm
Class 1:  September 7 September 8
Class 2: September 14 September 15
Class 3: September 21

Class 4: September 28

September 22

September 29

Class 5: October 5- simulated test- Bring SAT book October 6-simulated test, bring SAT book

Make-up Sessions: EVERYONE MISSES CLASSES!  This is entirely normal due to the busyness of students.  So we have designed the program such that it is easy and normal to start late, miss entire weekends, and still get the full training.

Regular breaks are given.  Food and drink in the classrooms are fine.  The class is lively and energetic.  Students are usually surprised that time passes so quickly!!!

Super flexibility: 

(1) Students can attend either location on any given weekend, no notice needed. 

(2) Students can attend classes in subsequent seasons.

(3) We have numerous make up classes as follows:

Make-up class dates (all held in Old Saybrook):

Wednesday, September 18, 6-8 pm:

  • Those who missed class 1 should attend 6-7 pm.
  • Those who missed class 2 should attend 7-8 pm.
  • Those starting, having missed classes 1 and 2, should attend 6-8 pm.

Wednesday, October 2, 6-8 pm,

  • catch-all make-up date for anyone who missed any of the classes 1-4.
  • We will review lectures in classes 1-4 but work with new material.

Phone Number: 860 510-0410 or, better yet, e-mail