Connecticut High School Seniors: Last chance SAT approaching

By SAT ACT Test Prep

For most Connecticut high school seniors, the following are some challenging but true facts:

Test scores are the only major item that can be changed for college admissions, at least in any significant way.

I certainly know many of our students hope that doing well 1st quarter will shift their college admissions chances.  And, I do not want to diminish the work effort of my students.  But cumulative GPA will not be shifted much.  Moreover, as I’ve written before, grade inflation is so pronounced that shifting one’s average a few decimal points on the 4.0 scale will not matter that much.

The October test is the last major test for this admissions cycle

For early action and early decision, the October test is the last SAT will be definitely considered.  To be clear, some seniors should press forward and take November and/or December.

I should also add that many seniors should consider taking the ACT.

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