Help your children with their real education this summer

By Student Mastery

“My children have not learned much these past couple of years.”  Denise, a mother of 4 from East Lyme, CT noted.

Denise is a college professor of education.  She has an expert’s sense of the growing debacle.

“But they all had good-excellent grades.” Denise continued as we collectively noted that grade inflation – a big problem pre-pandemic – has become out of control as teachers find it far easier to give students As than to deal with complaining parents.

Grades do matter.  But learning matters more.

And those who have not mastered the basics will suffer as they make their way into careers.

From Scott Galloway’s blog:

While their parents harass doctors at school board meetings and fight epic Facebook comment wars, our kids are not learning to read or count. McKinsey projects that this learning gap will reduce lifetime earnings for K-12 students by an average of $49,000 to $61,000. By the time the majority of these kids have joined the workforce in 2040, it’s estimated we’ll have lost as much as $188 billion a year in GDP due to unfinished learning during the pandemic.

Every school teacher that I’ve discussed this issue with has noted the same point anecdotally.

Why does this matter?  Because when they enter the real world, the open market does not have an age group competition.

22 year olds compete against 24 year olds.

Whereas in the past, the experience of the 24 year old was the only clear difference, now the actual education of the 24 year old will also be superior unrelated to their additional experience.

This will matter.

We can help.