Helping your children deal well with school

By General Education Advice, Student Mastery

The anxiety epidemic is real.

I have been working with students in the Shoreline region of Connecticut for twenty years.  Our clients live in the leafy suburbs of Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Essex, Old Lyme, East Lyme and other nearby towns.

I know this overall changing student population of high school students in Southeastern, CT  as well as anyone because I have working with students in the area for the past two decades.  “They” are not as happy.  Statistics bear this out for the nation as a whole but I can provide mountains of anecdotal evidence to the point.

There are many reasons.  But one of the reasons is the they have so few adults to speak with about important matters outside their parents.

I’m not sure when the “village” disappeared.  But it has.  Teachers were often the main “other” adult in the lives of students.  For the most part, they are too busy (understandably!) to spend extra time and energy to guide students broadly about life.  I’m not sure if coaches, clergy members, Boy Scout leaders and so forth were that much of a resource twenty years ago but very clearly all have generally vanished as sources of adults who convey wisdom to youth.

Grandparents, uncles/aunts, and older cousins… well…. let’s say the drive for individualism that leads to people moving further away from their original tribe has its benefits (not trapped) but drawbacks as well (the extended family is not as strong).

We – as in The Learning Consultants – primarily Jean Card and I – help students deal well with school.  This includes all aspects of school life although understandably the meetings are focused on academics.

We can help.