High School Excellence – Summer 2022 – Time to build again

By General Education Advice

Years ago, I had a fellowship to work at The Brookings Institute, long considered America’s top think tank.  At the end of the fellowship, I told my wonderful Brookings Scholar (as they were called) that I thought the mission of think tanks was great “generate ground breaking ideas through sophisticated research”, I wanted to be the guy who carried out the ideas.

Parents are in the same position as me.  Brookings released a study of Covid’s effect on education.

Not surprisingly, the effects have been devastating.

I see it as I coach/train students in math and other fundamentals.  Even in upper middle class suburbs such as those on the shoreline of Connecticut, well funded school systems simply could not provide great educational experiences.

This is a problem generally.  But I am writing to you as parents: help your children from being another statistic of educational decline.

Plenty of time for the beach this summer… we can help build their skills