Research Shows The Importance of the SAT.

By General Education Advice

The Importance of the SAT

The Truth About the SAT and ACT

Myths abound about standardized tests, but the research is clear: They provide an invaluable measure of how students are likely to perform in college and beyond

The above headline from the Wall St. Journal article tells sophisticated readers what they already know: people can curse the SAT but it has stayed around for a reason.

The SAT measures verbal and mathematical abilities.  When I write abilities, I don’t mean aptitude but rather whatever combination of aptitude and knowledge that students have accumulated by 17.  Certainly some problem solving ability in math has been doled out by genetics in unequal fashion but students who have mastered functions, ratios, percentages etc. will outperform those who have not, regardless of native abilities.  Much like in athletics, some are born with greater natural gifts but those who master technique and practice are the winners.

So it is with test prep.